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Here are some of our favorite places to visit:

1 North American Industrial Hemp Council(NAIHC)  - Promotes the development of new products and business based on industrial hemp fibers and seeds
2 Hemp Industries Association(HIA)  - The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of Industrial Hemp and the instigation of a level playing field on which to compete with other natural resources and synthetics. The HIA seeks changes in government policies to encourage global production of Hemp as a raw material for industry. Includes a list of HIA members, hemp legislation articles, hemp facts, hemp stores, hemp manufacturers, hemp history and more. Become a member TODAY!
3 Representative Cynthia Thielen  - See the latest groundbreaks in Hawaii's Hemp Legislation and recent planting(Dec.14,1999)
4 Vote Hemp  - VOTE HEMP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the full deregulation of and a free market for Industrial Hemp.
5 Jack Herer  - Author of the famous book titled "The Emperor Wear No Clothes"
7 Topline Whsle Dist Co.  - Topline has been on the web for a few years now serving up worm information, worms, vermicomposting equipment and related supplies. Also has many links to eco related websites


1 Hemp Stores  - Look for the hemp store in your area
2 High Times Magazine  - Check out articles published in High Times Magazine regarding news and events, as well as checking out their online retail site and advertising rates. Also get info regarding the Cannabis Cup.
3 Hemp Traders  - Wholesaler & retailer of a huge selection of hemp fabrics, washing instructions, other links
4 Hemptech  - HEMPTECH publishes books and reports, as well as providing consulting and other information services to the growing hemp industry
5 Hempwise  - Reatil shop located in Isle Vista, California. Retail website selling everything from shoes to clothing to books, body care and hats.


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